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Ni-Cd Battery Packs

We supply a range of sealed nickel cadmium battery packs suitable for many applications, including use as replacements in Dartpoint, Brooknes or SAFT Tripping Battery Units

Cells are manufactured by Arts Energy under license from SAFT

Sizes available Ex-Stock:

Dartpoint Ref. Near Equiv.VoltageNo. CellsCapacity (Ah)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
5VR1.6 SBP/T764-505-201651.6704846
10VR1.6 SBP/T764-510-20112101.61144846
5VR2 SBP/T765-505-201652.3805454
10VR2 SBP/T765-510-20112102.31315454
5VR4 SBP/T767-505-210654.51037067
10VR4 SBP/T767-510-20112104.51677067
5VR8 SBP/T768-505-2016581037098
10VR8 SBP/T768-510-201121081677098

All battery packs are now supplied with 1/4" Push-on tags instead of solder tabs (/T suffix)
Connector kits are available - please ask.
10VR1.2 SBP has been replaced by 10VR1.6 SBP/T
10VR7 SBP has been replaced by 10VR8 SBP/T